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The CSAI Membership offers competitive and advantageous platform by providing advisory support in the field of cyber security and data protection sectors in India.

It provides opportunity to members to provide inputs for vision of CSAI and policy advocacy for safe, secure and trusted cyberspace. CSAI provides platform to learn, connect, voice, and strengthen perspectives. 

The CSAI Membership is available to 360-degree stakeholders in cyber space including large, medium, and small-sized organizations across the public and private sectors representing Education& Academic Institutions, R&D institutions, Government/Private bodies/societies, Skilling, Trainers, Cyber consultancy and certification companies, innovators, startups, individual all critical sectors like Telecom, Health, Power, Infra, Financial Institutions, Banking, Oil & Energy, IT-BPM, Manufacturing, Aviation, etc.as also Security and Privacy Services & Product Companies, Law firms and others.

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For any clarifications/information/membership application, please contact cybercmai@ncsai.in
Ms Manisha Kumari, General Manager Mobile: 999 917 5001 cmaimanisha@gmail.com
Mr Navtesh, CEO & ED 97 118 69771 navteshgoyal@yahoo.com