About Cyber Security Association of India

Cyber Security Association of India - Brief Note

Cyber Security Association of India is established to provide Cyber Security awareness, data protection, guidance, online Protection of Child, Safe Internet usages and security solutions through collaboration, education, volunteer work, and training to assist the Indian Government, Industry and Academia by providing skills and training in cyber security, digital forensic, system and network protection, penetration testing, ethical hacking, cyber security as vocational/skill in schools/colleges, Institutes.

Cyber Security Association founded on main pillars supporting the mission: Collaboration, Knowledge-Sharing and Training/Capacity Building. It is a multi-sectoral forum where leaders from industry and government can exchange strategic information and insights, share and discuss emerging threats, and establish partnerships to advance knowledge. Cyber Security Association aims Develop enduring partnerships between government policy makers, private industry and public sector organizations to ensure that critical infrastructure and sensitive information are protected.

Cyber Security Association endeavors to form an exemplary think thank workforce in cyber security to advise to protect technology resources from increasing threats and formulate strategies and solutions that ensure that India continues to lead in areas of cybersecurity at a national level.

The objectives of the Cyber Security Association include:

· Provide a consistent voice for industry regarding cyber security policies at National level.

· Collaborate on special projects to breakdown developing threats and topics to create white papers, analytical products on unique and sophisticated cyber-attacks.

· Not only show problems of cyber security, but also give solutions.

· Collaboration to create countermeasures that promote a stronger cyber national security posture.

· Establishing an Association that includes a diverse makeup of public and private sector leaders and cybersecurity practitioners to collaborate on matters of cybersecurity concerning India.

· Develop strategies and solutions to increase the number and quality of cybersecurity practitioners in India

· Promote collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship in cybersecurity to further develop the cybersecurity industry

· Evaluate program requirements that establish exemplary cybersecurity practices and consider adoption within private and public entities

· Provide a consistent voice for industry regarding cybersecurity policies at a local, state, and National level

· Promote awareness and education of cybersecurity throughout the Country